1. After your payment is verified, it may take 1 to 2 business days to process and 3-5 days to produce your sex doll.
  2. The shipping information may take from 2-4 days to begin updating, This does not include weekends or holidays.
  3. Standard shipping time on intemational orders is approx.7-15 business days*. Delays in shiping may occur due to the pandemic and customs processing in some countries.
  4. Note: For orders with multiple items, the processing time will be based on the item with the longest processing time.
  5. We never sell sex dolls that look like children. Please do not ask for any information about this kind of dolls, otherwise you will face legal risks.

Order Processing

  1. Uness othervse notfiec, a l orders wl be procesed within 48 hours. The production time s 3-5 day.Ater the product eaves the tactory,it usualy taes about7 to 15 workndays to be arrival,depending on your exact ocation. Upgraded services such as assembly parts) may add additional schedulng time.After the product is shipped, you wilreceive a tracking number from the shipping company immediately. This wil let you know where your item is and when it is needed.
  2. Once your dollis complete, pproved we then arrange dispatch.
  3. Please note that shipping time does not include processing time. The total time requiredorder is processing time +Produce time + shipping time.
  4. Ifyou have any problems with your order, you can contact us.

Shipping and handling

  1. shis to almost a counties in the wor. and we use the services ot mao,.trusted ntemnatona carers to ensure that your packape amves at its destinaton guicky ansafely.
  2. Due to the increase in transportation osts, the number of orders for tree shippinp has ncreased,which is considered to provide better service and faster delvery. Thank you foryour understanding.