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How we start our business

The concept of reaching the top

Promote gender relations, break tradition and build the future!

qianyi adult products store has been in business since 2013. It has always been known for its "reasonable prices" and always keeps abreast of the Japanese adult products market. Special staff imports a variety of adult products from Japan to Hong Kong every month, specially serving everyone. customer service!

Looking back on the past, "sex" and "adult stores" were taboo topics, out of reach, and we could only rely on our imagination. Now, with the advancement of the times, sexual concepts are gradually opening up. We have the courage to express our sexual desires and preferences, and are willing to explore our bodies and how to obtain sexual pleasure. The emergence of adult products and even sex toy stores has made our sex life even better. Among the various adult products, boys can find electric masturbation cups. They can rely on a cup-shaped vessel to experience the stimulating experience of sucking, vibrating and thrusting. . On the other hand, girls can also find small and cute sex toys that can stir their clitoris and achieve orgasm alone. The joy, excitement, temptation and passion brought by sex toys are irresistible to you and me. They are the best spices in life.

Unlimited fun "Sex Shop for You" strives to become a considerate sex shop. We hope to bring high-quality sex toys into daily life, make "sex" and "sex toys" become personal topics, and break the Putting aside the shackles of old traditional stereotypes, we actively promote sex toys, hoping that one day adult toys will become a necessity in everyone's life. qianyi adult products store is never careless. We will stand from the perspective of novices and experienced sex product users, understand their preferences, and then select suitable adult products to put on the shelves. Therefore, in qianyi adult products store, you will definitely find the right ones. product. When choosing adult toys online or in a physical store, you will definitely encounter various doubts, such as how effective this sex toy is, how to use it, and which sex toy is suitable for novices. Our adult products store will help you guide you. Learn more about the detailed information of various sex toys and products, and welcome to communicate with each other. Finding suitable adult products for our customers is one of the purposes of our qianyi sex store.

 common problem

1. Complete range of sex toys. The
ultimate sex store collects all kinds of sex toys, including masturbation products suitable for single men. As for ladies, our adult store specially collects different styles and shapes of vibrating and massaging adult toys, so that you can Sexy costumes that transform you into an angel of temptation, and more. In addition, other sex toys in our adult products store include lubricants, Japanese condoms, aphrodisiac perfumes, massage oils and a series of products that can instantly add pleasure and satisfaction to you.

2. The ultimate one-stop online store.
In addition to physical stores, there is also an online shopping platform. All product contents are listed on the sex shop online store. All you need to do is take out your mobile phone and put your favorite adult toys into the shopping cart to check out.

3. How to ship sex toys
A sex toy store that is close to the ground certainly knows how to take care of the needs of its customers. For purchases over a specified amount, the adult store will provide customers with free shipping. Want to buy it and use it immediately? We specially provide a call truck delivery service. Just lock in your favorite items and they will be delivered to your home immediately. You can open the gifts immediately and step into your world of joy.

4. Strict sex toy packaging
As a considerate adult products store, how could we ignore the packaging aspect? In order to protect your privacy, Dengfengzhi Adult Store uses strict product packaging and is completely sealed. Only you will know the treasures contained in the package! Our sex shop will not write words such as "sex toys" or "adult products" on the packaging to avoid embarrassing situations during delivery.