Privacy Policy

Our company pays special attention to the privacy protection of customers and strictly keeps consultation and order information confidential. There will not be any marks or words about adult products or sex shops on the packaging, which absolutely protects your personal privacy;
the company will not collect other user information except for delivery purposes, such as ID number, gender, etc. At the same time, customers Any information collected will only be used internally by the company or delivery-related organizations, and the collected information will never be used for other (commercial) purposes;
our company’s staff will strictly abide by the requirements of the local laws on the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance in order to achieve Accreditation standards. This Privacy Code is not intended to create contractual or legal rights on behalf of any person under any circumstances;
 if customers wish to inquire more about this Privacy Code or request deletion of any personal data in the file, please email or Contact us by writing to us.

Cargo packaging

Our company ships all products in sealed packaging. The product names will not appear as sexual products or other sensitive words. Please rest assured.

Our company attaches great importance to customers’ shopping experience. From the beginning when you don’t understand the product, to our careful analysis and answers, and then to payment and receipt, we carefully arrange and handle every step, and hope that customers can have a pleasant experience. Shopping experience!