Return and exchange range:

All electronic products are eligible for return and exchange protection if they are not damaged by humans within 7 days of purchase. Other products will not be covered by this protection. The
return and exchange protection does not apply to replacement requirements derived from customers’ personal preferences: such as product color, Styles and sizes.
Non-man-made damage: If the original product has quality defects, or the product fails to operate normally due to the failure of the original machine parts, it is covered by the return and exchange policy.
Human issues involved: Our store is not responsible for acquired damage caused by improper use of the product without following the operating instructions, breakage, scratches, improper cleaning and maintenance, etc.

Return and exchange time:

Within 7 days from the date the customer receives the product, overdue orders will be invalid.

How to return or exchange:

If customers need to return or exchange products, please contact us as soon as possible. For online orders, please include your name, contact number and order number. For in-store purchasers, please provide the date of purchase and the content of the purchased product, and please bring the complete product to the in-store for inspection and replacement procedures; returned products
must be clean and tidy , no stains, and placed in its original intact packaging box, because the packaging box is part of the goods. If the packaging box is not returned together or if the packaging box is damaged or dirty, our store will not request a return or exchange and will return the product to the customer. Returns and
exchanges are limited to products of the same style and color. If the product is out of stock in our store, you can exchange it for another one. If the price of the product is higher than the returned product, the customer needs to make up the difference; if the price of the product is lower than the returned product, the difference will not be refunded; if you shop online, if you cannot arrange time to go to the store
to replace the product , you can use SF Express to send the product back to our company. The company will inspect and replace the product before sending it back to you, but all the above logistics costs must be borne by you.

The company reserves the right to delete or modify the above terms.
In case of any dispute, our company also has the final decision